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This is 27 ❤️

Well, happy birthday to me! I turned 27 on August 19th and it was a good one!

27 is such a weird age if you ask me. No longer close to 25 but not really any closer to 30. Just stuck in the in-between. However, I feel like I am finally at the age where I'm finding myself. I'm "adult" enough to be married and be a home owner, but not quite adult enough to be able to get a cast iron skillet to season correctly (that means waiting for the next trip for mom and dad so mom can show me how it's done). Adult enough to live 8 hours away from family, but still calling home all the time (does this part ever really go away?). Adult enough to finally find something I love doing and feel like I am able to have a career, but not quite ready to start a family. My birthday was spent doing what I love - spending time Derek and the pups. Luckily Derek was able to take the day off from work so we could spend it together. We grabbed lunch at Texas Roadhouse (YUM!), did some antique shopping, and snuggled on the couch to watch movies. It was super low key, but that's really who we are anyways.

Saturday was a different story. I started the day off by being setup at the Downtown Market, where within the last 15 minutes, a crazy storm came through and completely soaked me and my setup. There were some vendors where their tent completely blew over, had tables flipping, and things flying everywhere. It was an experience for sure. However, I got to come home, get dolled up, and spend the evening in Nashville. I've been to Nashville many times but have never been able to celebrate my birthday there, so that was nice. I have a love/hate relationship with Nashville. I didn't necessarily grow up going there, but I have been several times, starting at around age 16. Within those 11 years, things have changed so much. Sure, you still get some good music, however I feel like it's really lost its charm and roots. Now, that's not to say that it wasn't fun because it absolutely was. For me, it was a night of being able to sit and listen to some good music, sip on some beer, dance with my hubs, and just enjoy life (all while wearing my red boots that I haven't been able to wear in forever).

August also marks 2 years of being in business for Graceful Leo Designs. It's such a humbling feeling to make it to 2 years and still be thriving more than ever. Being a business owner has taught me so many things. First, you can never be fully prepared no matter what, so you better learn to just roll with the punches. Second, you can't please everyone no matter how hard you try. You. Just. Can't. You will have people that are rude to you, try to shame you, and everything in-between. This was a hard one for me to come to terms with. I am such a people pleaser and always take it personally if I can't "do something right". However, I am slowly learning that sometimes it's just part of it.

This past year has also been a year of really finding out who believes in you and who your sincere friends are. The small business world is great, but can sometimes be not so great. I've made some amazing friends, but also lost some relationships that I thought were friends - sometimes for reasons completely unknown. But it's because of going through these things that I really know who my circle is - and it's a great one 🖤

I am continuously humbled with the amount of love and support that GLD is shown. I have been able to work with some incredible people and create some equally incredible pieces. To know I get to be a part of so many people's lives and make something that they will hold onto for years is something I truly cherish. It sincerely makes me love what I do so much more.

This last trip around the sun was about learning, growing, and thriving. This next trip won't be any different. I will continue to try and be the best version of myself, but will remain humbled to know I didn't get to where I am without the love and support from family, friends, clients and customers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this 27 year old feel so loved. Cheers to 27! 🥂

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