Job Searching - UGH!

The past couple weeks, I have had to do a lot of soul searching to figure out what I truly want to do career wise. When I chose my degree, I knew it was something I would be able to find a job for almost everywhere I went. However, that was before I EVER anticipated being a military wife and moving basically every 3 years. While there are several print companies located around us, knowing I can only dedicate a certain amount of years breaks my heart. It takes time to get acquainted with coworkers and learn how the shop works and to have to do that all the time is just not appealing. So, I have been trying to think of what else I can do. Ideally, I would love to work remotely, that way not matter where we go, I don't have to look for a job. Plus, I can actually make a career for myself. However, I haven't had much luck with that either. It is all just a complicated and confusing time!

I made a Facebook post and was kind of bummed because it did not get much interaction. It said:

"Since moving and having the whole "military spouse" become a full time reality, I have had trouble with deciding what I want to do career wise. I know right now is hard for everyone with finding a job, but I have applied for quite a few positions and either haven't heard back or unfortunately did not get the job. I would love to be able to work remotely so I did not have to find a new job every time we move, but that is proving to be more challenging than I originally anticipated. SO, with that being said, I have been thinking about what I really want to do . . .

I LOVE designing and communicating with customers/clients. I also love a good success story and helping small businesses, so my thought is to kind of combine everything I love into one. My idea: basically a QVC for small businesses. I would do Facebook lives promoting products from small business owners to get some more traction, while also having an online store where people can find everything in one spot and order. My initial thought would be to focus on one business a week and put them into a rotation. This would be for those that have something they love doing but cannot dedicate their entire day to getting more business; that is where I come in and do it for you. I can also offer design services, help create websites and would act as a marketing agent. I have always wanted my own boutique, so I feel this would be the best way to do so. I also thought about carrying some products on hand and selling at local craft fairs, but I first would need to see how much interest there would be. I would not be invested financially with the business, but moreso a promoter. Online influencers are a huge deal in todays society, but they are primarily based for larger companies. I believe it is the smaller "mom/pop" shops that do it to support their families that truly need the recognition.

With all that being said, do you know of anyone personally, or would you personally, be interested? Success would absolutely not happen over night, so patience would be essential, but I can guarantee that I will work my butt off to try and help make you as successful as I possibly can. Like I said, I am just trying to figure out what I can do that would make myself happy, while also trying to help others. Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? Let's hear them!"

If you are reading this, PLEASE let me know your thoughts! I am just trying to figure out my place. I love being a military spouse but I want to be able to achieve my own career goals, too! I have loved being able to be at home and spend the day with Opry. I would hate for him to have to be by himself all day if I did end up working at a physical store location and with Derek being at the office all day. What to do, what to do!

Much love!


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