Hello Tennessee!

We are FREE! Derek and I were finally allowed to leave the hotel in Virginia. We had roughly an 8 hour drive to get to Clarksville and we could not get here soon enough. Since then, we have moved into our beautiful new home and have been here for about a month. Having to say a temporary goodbye to all of our family and friends back home has been the hardest part of the move. Not being close has been a change for sure.

Derek absolutely loves his job and gets to help people on a daily basis. I have been able to get everything unpacked and make the house feel like a home. I am still job searching and being optimistic that I will be able to find something remote and be able to make a career for myself. We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in the best way; relaxing at home, watching movies and ordering pizza! After all, what else is there to do during a pandemic?

Opry is in love with the backyard and has definitely made himself right at home. He loves having plenty of space to run around and a backyard that he can spend all day in without having to be watched. We live in a great neighborhood to take him on walks around and makes new friends everyday. Maybe someday we'll be able to take him by the Grand Ole Opry so he can see where his name comes from!

We are so excited for this chapter and for what the next 3 years will bring us. Though it's goodbye Missouri/Kansas, we are happy to now call Tennessee home!

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