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Goodbye 615 - Hello 1014!

It's been a bittersweet month as my husband and I moved out of the place that we have called home for the last two years. By chance and special circumstances, we had found a home that we both liked and have since fell in love with moving in.

The original closing date was set for July 15, Leia's birthday to be exact, but it got moved up by almost a month due to construction moving ahead of schedule. We were SO excited! That left us moving in during the 4th of July weekend - literally one of the hottest and muggiest weeks of the year. However, we were so fortunate to have my parents come up and help - even with it being over my mom's birthday weekend. She's a 4th of July baby!

Not only did we decide to move over a holiday weekend, we had the great idea to build a fence within a couple days time, too. Luckily, my dad is an all-around handy man and has built many fences in his life. However, after the go-round him and Derek had with ours, I'm not sure if either one of them will EVER build a fence again. HAHA! That red Tennessee clay is no joke, especially when it's been so dry! The pups were super excited to finally get to go in the backyard and not be on a leash, though. They would just sit at the sliding glass door staring at Derek and my dad as they worked, patiently, or impatiently, waiting.

It's taken a little bit to get settled in to the new house but it already feels so much more like home than 615 did. I officially get an office space all to myself while having plenty of storage throughout the house so things don't feel so cluttered and packed. We get a bonus room upstairs that is acting as my husband's music room while also still being a great entertaining space. We went from 1,400sqft to 2,000sqft! We gained an extra full bath, so now have a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, PLUS a bonus room. It is absolutely perfect.

All in all, I don't think either one of us anticipated loving the house as much as we do. We feel super fortunate and lucky to be able to call a new build OUR FIRST HOME. It wouldn't have happened without the help of our amazing Realtor, Marcia. She was so patient with us through the buying process. A process that is absolutely nerve racking, especially during these crazy times.

Though this won't be our forever home, we love being able to call it home for now. I love the opportunity that it will give me to be able to grow even more with Graceful Leo and I love that we got to choose a red door for the front. Being able to say, "this is ours" is such an amazing feeling. We love you 1014 and can't wait for the many memories that we get to make here!

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