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Goodbye 2020 - Hellllooo 2021!

Ohhh, 2020 - yes, it wasn't the year that everyone will look back on and try to remember, but it was still one for the books.

Where do we begin . . .

Derek and I started the year off thinking we were going to spend several months apart with him leaving for OBC in early January. HOWEVER, visiting him to see his graduation at Fort Benning then traveling together to the JAG School in Virginia turned into being quarantined together in a small hotel room for almost three months - BOOM: COVID hit! Being stuck in a 20ftx20ft hotel room without a kitchen and without being able to leave without an ID card (in other words, I couldn't leave unless Derek did, too), let's just say it was testing for a first year marriage! BUT we survived and made some absolutely incredible friends that I’m sure will last a lifetime.

We got to witness some dear friends get married then helped plan their engagement (that’s a whole other story!).

My parents helped me pack up Derek and I’s first home together in a uhaul while I also had to leave my job of 5 years to begin living the military life - getting stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.

We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary pandemic style - staying in, ordering some pizza and watching movies all night!

We unexpectedly lost our sweet kitty, Kirk, who I’m certain became a guardian angel to our new nephew, Mason.

I celebrated my quarter of a century birthday - the big 25!

I started my own business that keeps growing every day and continues to make me feel so fortunate to be able to do something I absolutely love. I already hit a huge milestone within the roughly 4 months that I have been in business and am SO proud and excited for what is to come.

I got to see my husband get promoted to a Captain in the US Army, a rank that has taken 7 years of schooling and so much hard work to get to. PLUS be there to celebrate the promotion of our girl Jacqui, too!

We traded in my trusty G6 and made our first “adult” purchase to get our new and beautiful 2020 Ford Explorer - that has made traveling and grocery shopping so much better!

We celebrated Oppo Man’s 8th birthday - of course with pupcakes and presents!

And lastly, I was finally able to get matching pj’s for Christmas! That’s a huge win when you are are 5’2 and marry someone who is 6’5 - yes, over a foot taller than yourself.

Yes, 2020 was definitely an interesting year, but I can’t sit here and say it was the worst. We both had some pretty big triumphs, goals, and monuments that we reached both as a married couple and for ourselves while also making some pretty incredible memories along the way. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we are thankful for our parents and all that they do and continue to do for us, for our friends and loved ones who we know we can always count on and are always there for us, and for continuing to find the love and support we give to each other through the absolutely difficult times.

No, we didn’t hoard toilet paper, but we were and still are diligent in wearing our masks. We lived off of ramen and peanut butter sandwiches for a while but feel so fortunate and grateful for what the military has provided us. Yes, we’ve lived through a pandemic, but we’ve thrived in our own ways. 2020 may not have been THE year, but it’s still one I’ll look back on, remember, and appreciate.

Here’s to hoping 2021 is a better year. Here’s hoping for healing for all and for our country, for hoping for prosperity and growth in whatever field, career or goals you have. Here’s to regaining what may have been lost and thriving with new chances and opportunities. Make 2021 YOUR year - that’s my plan!

Cheers to 2021!!!

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