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If you've made it here, let me start off by saying welcome, hello, and thank you for stopping by!


This is Josey, the owner of Graceful Leo Designs. I am a military spouse, fur mama, country music fan, earring lover, and an entrepreneur building her dream business! I graduated with a degree in Graphic Technologies from the University of Central Missouri in May 0f 2018. My degree is a little different than just design because I know about all the different printing processes and how files should be set up for print - it's kind of the nerdy stuff but I love it! I personally have a lot of experience in the screen printing world, as well as logo creation and recreation. 


UCM holds a special place in my heart because in 2015, that is where I met my now husband. He was then getting his undergraduate degree and also participating in the ROTC program. Now let's fast forward through my husband attending law school, lots of graduations, lots of time spent apart, a wedding in 2019, and then finally PCSing to Fort Campbell, KY in May of 2020. This is when I decided to start my small business endeavor because of the complications of finding a job - it was a stressful time and the pandemic sure didn't help. So, I took matters into my own hands and the rest is history!

I offer design services of all types including logos, business cards, flyers, and so much more. On top of design work, I also offer a wide variety of handmade items, but primarily specializing in earrings. I have several styles made out of wood and acrylic, which are incredibly lightweight, and are all made using a hypoallergenic post or hook. Along with earrings, I make keychains, wall decor, and other miscellaneous gifts and trinkets. Make sure to check out the "shop" tab to see everything that I have available!

If you have any questions or need a custom piece, please feel free to reach out! Click on the contact button below and let's get started on bringing your idea to life.